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custodial - definition of custodial by the Free Online Dictionary.
In investment terms, a custodian is the financial services company that maintains . The custodian's client may be another institution, such as a mutual fund.
Definition of custodial in the Online Dictionary.. Having custody, especially of a child: "children whose custodial parent has remarried". financial institution.
Define Custodian. Custodians can be an individual, a bank or trust company, or a financial agent.. services, sometimes referred to as custody or custodial services, are offered by banks, investment advisers and other financial institutions.
The proposed amendments would also add a definition of "custody" to the rule .. under the proposed rule would include the types of financial institutions that.
What's the Difference Between an Investment Manager & a.

DOB: Order Updating Custody Requirements for Investment Advisers.
Benefit from global trade and investment flows by fast-tracking your business using our custodian network. Tap the expertise and local knowledge of HSBC.
A definition of the term Global custodian.. Global custodian: A financial institution which provides its customers with custody services in respect of securities.
(E) "Custodian" or "successor custodian" means a person so designated in a. (F ) "Financial institution" means any bank, as defined in section 1101.01, any.
(b) To qualify as a custodian, pursuant to this regulation, an institution shall meet all of the following requirements: (1) It shall be a financial institution as defined.
Apr 1, 2012. (1) A financial institution that retains custody of securities that are the subject of. If the [buyer] grants the right to substitute, this means that the.
For the same reason adduced in the case of the PFA, a stakeholder of the Custodian must be a licensed financial institution and have a minimum net worth of N5.
Proposed Rule: Custody of Funds or Securities of Clients by.
Rule 17f-5 -- Custody of Investment Company Assets Outside the.

Pension fund custodians - National Pension Commission - PenCom.

HSBC securities services - Global custody services.

custodian definition financial institutions

Custody of Investment Company Assets with a Securities Depository.
(d), "Qualified custodian" means the following independent institutions or. and ( iv) a foreign financial institution that customarily holds financial assets for its.
Jan 1, 2009. As of January 1, 2005, both the definition of custody, as well as what. or a foreign financial institution that customarily holds financial assets for.
(B) All such deposits shall be held by such financial institution on behalf of the commissioner. (c) The custodian is authorized to redeposit such assets with a clearing corporation as defined in K.S.A. 84-8-102 and amendments thereto, if such.

Chapter 5814: OHIO TRANSFERS TO MINORS ACT - Lawriter - ORC.

Feb 12, 2013. An IRA custodian is a financial institution that oversees and protects. imposes a  fiduciary responsibility on IRA custodians, which means that.
A trust company, bank or similar financial institution responsible for holding and . A mutual fund's custodian may also act as the mutual fund's transfer agent.

custodian definition financial institutions

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